Become the Media

In 2000, punk front-man Jello Biafra said “Become the Media.” Today that’s truer than ever. From HubSpot’s acquisition of The Hustle, to the creation of Red Bull Media House as the independent media arm of Red Bull energy drink, the most successful companies are becoming media companies in their own right.

Welcome to the site

I am a passionate believer in the “media as marketing” approach to content and marketing. I believe the most powerful tool at a company’s disposal is their unique point of view and their deep institutional knowledge. When this is expressed as valuable, differentiated, content, delivered on a consistent schedule to a specific audience, the enterprise can build their own audience that will become a community of loyal subscribers.

Essentially, a built-in audience that they own instead of renting.

I’ve helped companies in the U.S. and Latin America, through consulting engagements, my own content and as a marketing executive, to implement a content-oriented approach that has helped add value to their company above and beyond what they “do” to make money.

About Me

In the media-as-marketing approach, you become the media company your audience needs. You deliver daily utility value to a defined niche so that they come to depend on your content in their everyday lives.

We exist to help brands go beyond their products, to help their products deliver on their promises, to make promises that inspire people, and to help them generate positive change in the world. We are people committed to making the world a better place.

Our definition of success is to communicate reality honestly. We believe in the power of creativity to transcend barriers, to create, build and add. We do our work with a smile.

Our Team

Fernando Labastida and Alfonso Betancourt are two peas in a pod. Fernando is the media-as-marketing guy, and Alfonso is the storytelling-with-a-purpose guy.

Alfonso Betancourt

VP of Creative

“I use my creativity to create a better world.”

– Alfonso Betancourt

Dreamer of a better world and a preacher on our responsibility as creative human beings to build a conscious society. Researcher on the importance of recognizing our roots to shape our future. Writer who defines our material experience as a spiritual path. Musician, Speaker and Teacher with one goal in life: Use my creativity to create a better world.

Alfonso has created the most successful relationship platforms for the most important brands in Mexico and the US. He’s been a consultant and creative advisor for the most recognized firms in the world. Speaker and commentator on the most prominent trends and marketing forums in Latin America, and an entrepreneur that has created leading companies in Mexico and the USA.

Fernando Labastida

VP of Business Development

“Be your own media”

– Fernando Labastida

Prolific blogger, content creator and teacher. Passionate proponent of how companies can transform themselves from just selling a product, to entities that can improve lives, educate, lead tribes and inspire movements.

Fernando believes that companies can become their own media and avoid dependence on the giant social networks and search engines that dominate the digital landscape. He teaches large companies as well as startup firms and freelancers in underprivileged communities about content marketing. Fernando is a loving father of four and proud bilingual, bi-national and bi-cultural son of two countries.


We define the audience we want to impact, such as change agents, good news amplifiers, hacktivists.

We delve into your beliefs and value systems to understand what they mean and what they represent for society – both followers and detractors.

We study the needs, ambitions, challenges and sociocultural expectations of the audience that we want to impact.

How do I contact you?

Contact me at +1 512-945-9273

What are your ofice hours?

9 am – 5 pm CST / CDMX

What kind of work do you do?

Content marketing strategy. Copywriting. Value propositions. Purpose-based hero content. Content -based organic traffic generation.

Get In Touch

Here’s how you can get in contact with Fernando and schedule a call with him, or just tell him how great he is. I hate talking in the third person so I’ll just talk in the first person: contact me already!