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SXSW, Fastball, Erykah Badu, and Twitter


Went to the Auditorium Shores free show last  night with my wife and two youngest sons to catch a fabulous Fastball set.  Fastball are still fantastic!  Tony Scalzo’s and Miles Zuniga’s songwriting prowess and beautiful melodies are as fresh as ever, whether playing songs such as “The Way” from their 2nd album “All The Pain Money can  Buy,” or playing songs from their upcoming album “Little White Lies.”

Then we found out if we stayed till 7pm we’d get to see Erykah Badu!  It was a nice surprise to hear we’d catch another big act, seeing we missed Metallica playing at Stubbs the night before.

Erykah’s back-up band, The Cannabinoids, played a live hip-hop music set, with four guys that had nothing  but keyboards and turntables.  Pretty good set actually.  These guys played their hearts out and tried to keep the increasingly growing and excited crowd waiting….and waiting…and waiting, past 7:30, 7:47; 7:52.

Finally The Cannabinoids stopped playing and a guy came on the microphone in a very non-hip hoppish, mousy voice to say, “Erykah Badu has had a travel incidence.”

Erykah Badu

We all started streaming out, caught up in a huge river of people, while still more thousands stayed behind, until finally, when we were out of Auditorium Shores and sitting on the lawn in front of The Long Center, she started playing!  Well, we didn’t miss much, because as we were making the trek across Town Lake (or is it Ladybird Johnson lake right now?), we noticed the music stopped!

According to, Badu was keeping everybody updated about what was going on with her Twitter account, with a blow-by-blow of this stalker who had been arrested outside of her Dallas house just before she was supposed to take off to Austin; and now she was dealing with the whole mess; and now she was driving down I-35.

And here I was Twittering about how she was a no-show!

There was this huge screen on the stage where The Cannabinoids were displaying some interesting messages and psychadelic images.  Maybe next time they stream Badu’s Tweets across the screen?

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